Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Baldness solutions for men

Baldness problem is similar to unfertilized ground. An unfertilized ground cannot grow crops because it does not have the necessary tools, or an impotent man cannot produce babies because he is, well, impotent. Similarly, a scalp devoid of hair follicles cannot grow lost hair. That’s baldness for you. So simply put, baldness has no natural cure, unless one is willing to go under the knife while shelling out a few thousand bucks for the treatment. 
Pattern of Baldness in Men
First of all, they begin balding at the age of thirty and aggravate the problem with their smoking and drinking habits. So it begins with a bald patch being formed at the front, just above the forehead, called frontal balding. Then they age by ten years and start experiencing hair loss at the center of the scalp. This patch widens gradually with age and pushes the hair to the periphery, thereby forming a horseshoe pattern.
The various treatments available are:
  1. Surgical (hair transplantation) techniques
  2. Follicular unit Transplant
Follicular Unit Transplant technique is used when a large area is to be operated on. In this method, the surgeon replaces the bald patches with follicles surgically removed from the fertile areas in the scalp. The cost of this procedure varies with variation in the amount of follicular units to be transplanted.
  1. Follicular Unit Extraction
Follicular Unit Extraction technique is technically more advanced than Follicular Unit Transplant technique in the sense that there are robots available to operate upon humans as well as the human hand-driven technique, with the exception that the robotic FUE technique does not result in post-surgical scars whereas the hand-driven technique does.
  1. Non-surgical (camouflaging) techniques
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Besides these, you can also make your own invention and don a wig if you like (like Rakesh Roshan used to).